Best Fall Mat Alarm for Elderly

If a loved one is wandering in the middle of the night or has fallen off the bed, an automated alert can help.

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Caring for elderly loved ones is no easy task when they have a fall risk. It’s impossible to watch them 24/7, so a sensor mat is key to preventing or minimizing the damage from falls.

These alarm mats are designed specifically for elderly, wandering, or otherwise handicapped individuals as they serve as your second pair of eyes. Our buyer’s guide and reviews of five top-rated mats should help you find the right one.

Before we do that, we’ll quickly tell you our winner, runner-up and one to avoid.


Cordless Fall Monitor Sensor
  • Wireless monitor
  • Adjustable volume
  • Comes in a bundle


Pressure Alarm Mat
  • Very cheap
  • Multi purpose
  • Can be cleaned


secure 45BSET
  • Annoying loud beep
  • Tends to break
  • Poor reputation

Choosing the Right Fall Mat Sensor Alarm – What You Should Know

Falls are an unfortunate part of life for many seniors.

The causes are numerous ranging from disabilities to age-related issues like slower reflexes. A fall mat alarm can provide you peace of mind, but there are a variety of them and general alert systems available.

Not all fall pads are made the same though, so there certain considerations to keep in mind to help you determine which product is right for your home.

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How Does a Fall Mat Sensor Help?

If an elderly loved one or patient is prone to falling, there are a number of steps you can take to help them.

Even if you have created a safer environment in the home for them to maneuver easier, a fall mat sensor still comes in handy.

It will always let you know when they’re getting up by sending out an alarm.

Some elderly individuals shouldn’t walk without someone watching regardless of how well you have prepared the home.

A high-quality sensor should alert you right away when they’re standing so that you can get to them before anything bad could happen.

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5. Smart Caregiver Exit Mat Alarm

Smart Caregiver Exit Mat Alarm
Our Rating:

Having this alerts me when my mom gets out of bed in the middle of the night...

The Smart Caregiver Floor Mat Alarm is a simple, unobtrusive mat.

There’s a good balance between flexibility and firmness in its construction. You can roll it up and pack it when you need it for a trip, and when you’re using it, it has beveled edges and lies flat enough to not get in the way of wheelchair users.

It features a non-slip bottom as well so there’s little concern about it ever slipping out from underneath anyone. Also, the mat is made with moisture-resistant material so that it may hold up even better over time.

The sensor itself has ideal sensitivity so that you’re alerted right away.

Although it says to feature an AC port, there doesn’t appear to be any spot to plug in an adapter. No matter, the mat functions on three AA batteries. Inside the battery compartment, you can adjust the volume of the alarm as needed. There are various tone options you can use as well.

The alarm is built with an on/off switch as well as a status light so that you or a caretaker is always aware of whether or not the mat is functional. If used in a nursing facility or with an at-home nurse, the mat can readily connect to an already existing nurse call system.


  • No AC port


  • Good sensitivity
  • Quality construction
  • Adjustable volume

4. Ideal Security Pressure Alarm Mat

Pressure Alarm Mat
Our Rating:

The sound is loud and lacks volume buttons. The sensivity can't be changed...

With the Ideal Security Pressure Sensor Alarm, you’re better off monitoring seniors remotely in various rooms throughout your home.

The wire length between alarm and sensor is long enough at 30ft, but you can double that length with the included extension.

It operates on a 9V battery, and it features three modes: alarm, chime, and off. The chime resembles that of a doorbell, while the alarm is plenty loud for security purposes so you may hear it go off regardless of how far away you are. You should be aware though that there is no volume control function.

This mat alarm has good versatility to it. You can use it outdoors when placed underneath a weather-resistant mat if you want to monitor if your elderly loved one or patient tries to leave the home.

In addition, the mat is thin enough that it also fits underneath a rug indoors so they won’t have to step directly on it or even know it’s there. There’s high sensitivity to the mat that it will still trigger when hidden under another rug or mat.

There doesn’t seem to be much traction on this, however, so it may be best to use along with something else to lower the risk of it sliding when stepped on.


  • Bottom lacks traction
  • No volume control
  • Doesn't look attractive


  • Long extension wires
  • Easily fits underneath a rug
  • High sensitivity

3. Secure Wireless Floor Mat Sensor

Fall and Wandering Prevention
Our Rating:

Peace of mind for caregivers of the young and old! ....

This Floor Mat Sensor from Secure is ideal for fall prevention use thanks to the many features it has.

For one thing, the floor mat links up to a remote transmitter that a caregiver or a loved one has, alerting them whenever the elderly individual gets up. It also works as a nurse call button for any additional assistance.

In fact, the wireless pager is compatible with different components: call button, mat sensor, motion detector, toilet pull-cord alert, bed sensor, and door/window alarm. Of course, you can purchase additional components as needed.

Batteries are included so that you can setup and monitor right away. The pager has a clip design so you can secure it to yourself at all times, and it has a great long range of up to 500ft.

When the alarm goes off, it isn’t that loud, and there isn’t a way to change the volume. However, you can select from different settings. You can make it have an alarm-only, vibrate-only, or both an alarm sound and a vibration together.

There isn’t a way to turn the mat off though, so if you don’t want anyone in the home setting it off, you’ll have to remove the batteries.


  • No "off" switch
  • Could benefit from being louder


  • Sound and vibration settings
  • Long range pager
  • Nurse call button capability

2. Smart Caregiver Motion Sensor

seniors Motion Sensor
Our Rating:

One sensor is pemanantly by the bed, so I know as soon as my wife gets up....

Another fall prevention product from Smart Caregiver, this Monitor and Motion Sensor may be the most portable option that you can take anywhere around your home and elsewhere.

This monitoring device sets up wherever you need it most to detect the faintest of activity in front of it.

It may work out well to prevent a bedside fall as long as you place it appropriately so that you’re alerted once the elderly individual swings their legs off the bed.

This comes with everything you need to mount it so that setup is easy. Also, if you’re more concerned with them leaving the room rather than just the bed, you can set this up above the door as well as you can next to their bed.

Once the alarm triggers, it doesn’t shut off. Rather, you have to manually reset it by turning the power off for a few seconds and sliding it back to the “on” position afterwards.

You can adjust the volume settings on the monitor from low, medium, and high. Also, the monitor is expandable enough so that you can sync up to six wireless components to it. The monitor needs three C batteries to work, while the motion sensor requires three AA.


  • Lacks a built-in reset button


  • Different volume settings
  • Easy portability
  • Good level of sensitivity

1. Smart Caregiver Monitor & Mat Sensor

Cordless Fall Monitor Sensor
Our Rating:

Great alarm for when my mother gets out of bed when she's not supposed to!...

The Smart Caregiver Fall Monitor is a reliable floor mat that stays in place well.

For the alarm monitor, it’s battery operated, working on three C batteries, but you have the option of purchasing the compatible AC adapter to plug it into the wall instead. As for the floor mat, it has an internal, non-replaceable battery.

As soon as the elderly individual steps onto the mat and changes their weight by moving, the senor triggers, alerting anyone with the monitor. This quick pressure sensing keeps you alert so that you can get to their side faster.

There is even a way for you to adjust the volume to better suit your own hearing needs. You can change it from low, medium, and high. The monitor itself also reaches up to 300ft in range so it can be used in various rooms in your home.

Setting all this up may not be easy for everyone, but the company appears to have good customer service that can assist you in the process.

For further safety purposes, the mat is designed with anti-slip material. This gets rid of an additional potential tripping hazard to further prevent falls.


  • Not the easiest to setup


  • Optional AC adapter
  • Three volume settings
  • High-quality sensor

Characteristics of a Quality Fall Mat Alarm

Since there are dozens of these mats on the market, it’s important to find a high-quality one so that it’ll actually benefit you and your loved one or patient.

Sensor Sensitivity

With a mat, you want the pressure weight sensor to have a higher sensitivity. This is useful because even the lightest of steps should trigger the alarm. Otherwise, they’ll have to step rather hard on the mat, and not all seniors may be capable of such heavy steps.

When it comes to motion detectors, you’ll want them to have a good sensitivity as well so that it detects the senior the moment they move by it.

Alarm Volume

The best volume may be more of a personal choice. It should be loud enough to hear through closed doors in another room, more so if your room is further away from theirs. However, it may not help if it’s overwhelmingly loud that it wakes everyone in the house.

A helpful feature may be to find an alarm with an adjustable volume setting. This way, you can adapt it to suit your needs better.


No matter how loud you can get the alarm monitor, it may be useful if it has a good range to it. This means you can take it various places throughout the house even if you’re not using it just at night in your bedroom.

You can monitor on different floors or even if you decide to go outside around your home for a moment. Some good fall mat alarms have great ranges around 300ft or even 500ft.

Battery Life

It won’t be easy watching out for fall risks or prevent wandering if the battery on your monitor dies out without you knowing. Consider finding products with a reliable enough battery life so that you’re not forced to replace them so often.

Some monitors have alerts to warn you when the battery is low or out. Others are built with the ability for you to add on an AC adapter and use an outlet for power instead. That option can save you on having to purchase batteries if you don’t mind the cord.

Final Thoughts

We believe all the products on our top five list may benefit you in some way, but the Smart Caregiver Fall Monitor and Cordless Floor Mat is our number one pick.

It has a good battery with an AC power adapter substitute option, and the sensor itself is high in terms of sensitivity.

There are three volume options, giving you the chance to adjust as needed. It has a good 300ft. wireless range so you can move it around the home without worry.

The mat itself is built well too and features an anti-slip design so you can rest assured that it’s safe.

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