Best Waterproof Bed Sheet Pads for Adults

Author: Mark Marsden | Updated on July 3, 2020
For a number of reasons, adults can experience urinary loss at any time of the day or night. In this page, we specifically address nightime solutions.
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Better known as nocturnal enuresis, involuntary urination from an individual that should be above an age where they can control bodily functions is a sensitive subject.

It's very embarrassing and is a subject that should be broached with care.

While this subject can be manageable for kids, bed-wetting by an adult can be embarrassing. If you have elderly or loved ones who are incontinent, then the only real way apart from adult diapers is to get a sheet to help protect the bedding.

Water proof materials insulate to prevent leaks and stains. It resembles a standard but for the top layer, which is a quilted material. Some varieties have a heated electric element that provide added warmth during winter.

A good mattress is a big investment. Moisture, from bed-wetting, threatens the mattress's longevity and encourages the infestation of bugs. So it makes sense to invest in a good quality waterproof layer for those loved ones that experience incontinence.

Epica Premium Quality Pad

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The quilted premium is the armour you need in your fight against urine leaks. Both children and adults can use this 34" by 52" washable covers. It features an extra quilted layer on top that makes a bit softer to lie on.

It has three layers of cloud-like fabric for extra protection which is soft to the skin. And the leak-proof under-pad ensures no liquid sips through. A great feature is the non-slip backing which means it sits still no matter how much you turn during your sleep.

The polyester backing does not crinkle as you move. It is extra-long, so you do not have to worry about wandering off the covered area. The quilting channels wetness away from your skin so the mats stay dry.
  1. Broad coverage for protection in all areas where you need it- It can fully fit a twin mats when turned lengthwise and gives more extensive coverage when laid crosswise.
  2. You can wash it over and over without worrying about shrinking
  3. The top layer is soft and made of premium quality material.
  1. The rubber may slip around a bit if you have a thinner mats.

Priva High-Quality Ultra and Protector 44x52 Inch

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The Prima High-quality moisture-proof and specialised is one of the best in the market. The product has been lab-tested by a third party, free of lead, cadmium, mercury, and phthalates.

One of its unique features is the four layers, which can provide up to 8 cups of protection. It has a polyester and cotton top layer, which prevents overheating and feels soft on the skin. These two fabrics are also super absorbent.

Another great feature is the vinyl layer, which is not noisy and prevents slipping. These are the most reusable sheets and can be for commercial purposes or in hospitals.

It can withstand a record 300 wash cycles. They are machine wash and bleach friendly. Hence, they are cheap and environmentally conscious product.
  1. It can be washed over and over without wasting.
  2. Large-sized
  3. Have four layers that ensure your beds stay dry
  1. Material may peel off after several washes

Medline Heavy Absorbency Underpads

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If you want the comfort and protection without cleaning then Medaline Heavy Absorbancy Under pads are for you. These large under pads come in 50 pack cases that you can use and dispose of after each use.

The polymer core absorbs moisture while locking away any odour.

It is large enough measuring 36 inches by 36 inches; hence, protect furniture, puppy pee. The top quilted is soft on the skin and does not crinkle loud from movement. They are also super absorbent, ensuring your furniture stay dry.
  1. Heavily absorbent
  2. Versatile
  1. You will need a new pack every month or so

Gorilla Grip Slip-Resistant Leak Proof cover

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This has incredible absorbency taking in up to 8 cups of water thanks to its four layers. It has soft cotton for added comfort and non-skid backing, which ensures it stays put all night.

It is one of the best for hospitals or with patients at home, offering defence against leaks. Furthermore, this product is versatile for use by pets and children.

They also come with a ten-year guarantee with no strings attached. The best part is this product is wash and can withstand up to 300 washes.
  1. Does not slip
  2. Highly absorbent
  3. Up to 300 washes
  4. Ten-year guarantee
  1. Tends to retain odor even after washing with detergents

Peelaways Disposable Sheets Protector

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This is the perfect blend and a shield. It features five layers that can peel off to expose a dry layer after a single-use.

This saves so much time, doesn't it? No need for cleaning or unpacking new shields. It's very plush thanks to the blend of bamboo, polyester fibres, and viscose. It has no noise at all as it doesn't have a latex or plastic layer.

They are perfect for adults with wetting issues, potty training toddlers and others. The significant advantage is you can keep it for another night if it is dry.
  1. It has a hybrid layer; hence you can easily peel off the top layer.
  2. No laundry needed
  3. Made of natural fibres
  4. Versatile
  1. They are not suitable for heavy bed wetting as all five layers can soak up at once.
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How We Decided On Our Winner

These choices are strong contenders, and each offers a unique service based on its design. Peelaways saves the user time, and an older person would appreciate this as they peel away and have a clean layer.

Absorbency is the most critical factor, and if I'm to pick a winner, I'll go with Priva. Priva is a decent one that will keep your seniors dry; it is machine wash and versatile.

You can get it for your pets as well. Besides, they are reusable for up to 300 washes. If the person does not wet every night, you could get up to one year of service.

While each product has a unique edge to it, Priva wins in this one. Yet, depending on your preferences, each of the products could give you plenty of services. Keeping your loved ones dry all night.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Who needs a Waterproof Pad?

People who sweat a lot and do not want to stain
Bedwetters/ children and elderly persons with incontinence issues
When you need extra cushioning for added comfort
Protecting from dirt, mites, and bacteria during outdoor activities
Used in the medical field in hospitals for ridden patients or patients with stroke.
Buying Guide

While many people are aware of exactly how they want, shopping can be a daunting task. There are several factors that you need to consider when buying one. In this buying guide, we give you all the essential elements that should be on your buying guide.


In general, there are four different types in the market.

Fitted Sheet: These work exactly like a standard but they have a specialized material that protects from urine.

Fitted: This is like a fitted but for the thicker material on top, which gives the sleeper a softer feel.

Six-sided: These encases the entire surface, and you can zip it up to seal bedding. They not only protect from moisture but also prevent infestation.


You should know the material to prevent allergies and assess whether you're able to clean it. Pads always have two materials that form the top and the protective. Some may have several layers to enhance better protection.

Factors to consider when choosing material include:


To enhance comfort, it should have excellent absorbency. Thicker bed pads are more suitable for seniors who pee a lot of urine. Thick ones enhance better absorbency, so the person will not feel the discomfort.


Vinyl material gets hot for the user as it is not breathable. Rubberized ones with rubber present the same problem. Those made from polyurethane is breathable.

Hence you or your loved ones will not be dripping in sweat through the night. The polyurethane permeates heat transfer, which keeps the sleeper warm during winter.
Bedwetting Nocturnal Enuresis Adults
Washable Vs. Disposable

Are you comfortable cleaning it, or do you prefer single-use products? This is a crucial point to consider when buying.

These ones will give you more extended service. While the other option means you get one night use from each use if you do not have time for cleaning.

Materials used generally include:

Cotton: Cotton is a smooth and absorbent fabric. It needs excellent backing to prevent leaks.

Polyester: Polyester is a soft synthetic material. It is not absorbent but is breathable.

Rayon: Rayon is partly synthetic and partly natural. It is smooth and breathable and cool to touch.

Rubber: Rubber products have elasticity which can protect the entire surface.

Vinyl: Vinyl provides a sturdy that is effective as the backing layer. Some vinyl products have phthalates, which can be a hazard to pregnant women and children. Some vinyl products are, yet, phthalate-free, this is something to look out for in the fabrics tag.

Polyurethane: Polyurethane is a plastic polymer used as backing. It can either be laminated or attached to fabric to hold it in place.

It completely prevents leaks as it has no absorbency at all.

Cleaning and care
The cleaning process involves washing and drying using low temperatures. High temperatures will degrade the adhesives that maintain backing. Or, hand wash and line dry on a drying line.

Limit your cleaning and care to when necessary as frequent cleaning will wear the material. You should always check the manufactures instructions on cleaning and care.

Other factors to consider include:

Return Policy: Most offer an in-home trial, but most do not provide for returns. Confirm what your rights about returns before making buying.

Warranty: While some sellers offer a guarantee of between 1 to 10 years, these warranties come with so many exclusions that limit their use.

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