5 Best Toilet Safety Rail Grabs

Author: Mark Marsden | Updated on July 18, 2020
Using a toilet safety rail isn't a dramatic change, but it does make life a little easier and more dignified, especially as we age. We review 5 of the top rated ones available.
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Sound health is a must to enjoy the whole of life.

Maintaining physical fitness and mobility should be at the top of our everyday life goals.

Unfortunately, not everyone can claim a healthy and fit life.

Many of us have to face the reality of not being able to do everything on our own, even like using the toilet.

Deterioration of mobility in old age or even a minor disability might impede us when sitting on the toilet or even to stand up. In these dire times, installing toilet safety rail grabs is the obvious choice.

We've outlined our winner above, but if you're still looking for more choice, let's go through our top five in more detail below.

1. Medline Attached Rails with Legs

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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One of the most prominent toilet rails grabs out there. Medline comes with a history of a good reputation.

They manufacture almost every consumer-level medical equipment.

This safety rail has a silver-coloured aluminium body, armrest padding, and anti-slip padding. The equipment comes in 4 parts detached.

Though it comes with no installation manual, it’s pretty easy to figure out and install on your own.

Unfortunately, even the armrests have solid plastics, so not as comfortable. The best thing about this safety rail is that you can adjust both the width and the height.

The width can be from 8 inches to 24 inches, and the height can be adjusted between 26 inches to 31 inches from the floor. Like most standard rail, this one also supports up to 300 pounds of weight.
  1. Most Affordable Price point
  2. Adjustable width and height
  3. Legs can be lifted from the floor
  1. The armrest is not foam-padded
  2. No installation manual included

2. Drive Medical Stand Alone

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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This one is a stand-alone or free-standing rail. It comes with a large frame, and the frame bends in the front. Moreover, there is no rubber on the legs, while the legs are rectangular shaped.

For a flat tiled bathroom, this Stand works great. The Stand can withhold all the weights and shows no sign of slipping.

But, it might be a nightmare for the bathroom with a sloping front floor. The rail frame is not stable at all in that case, but it might be solved with glueing some rubbers on the leg.

Besides, the rail grab comes with a magazine carrier to go with you. It also has foam-padded armrests, which are very comfortable. The frame extending in the front might be a problem for wheelchairs, though, but it isn’t much of an issue.
  1. Sturdy frame can hold weight well
  2. Has a magazine carrier
  3. Affordable price
  1. No Rubber padding on the legs
  2. The frame extends 3 inches in front of the toilet

3. Carex Stand Alone

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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Carex Stand Alone comes in an exquisite design compared to others. Its body is also made of aluminium. Instead of a leg bending design, it has four separate legs.

All the legs have rubber tips. The frame fits around the toilet. All these features come with both advantages and significant deal breakers for some.

Since there is no connection between the legs on the ground, the frame is tipsy. That is, if you apply force on only one handle, the structure will tip on that side. Such a situation indeed is problematic for people with disabilities or weakness.

But, some toilets are so compact that there is very little space between the back of the seat and the flush tank. In such cases, this safety rail will be problematic, due to its bending frame, there needs to be a gap of at least 1-inch. The good thing about this design is, as there is no frame on the front, transferring from a wheelchair is easy.
  1. Adjustable Height
  2. Skid Resistant Rubber tips
  3. Fits between the toilet seat and tank
  1. Needs Equal Pressure exerted for stability
  2. The tank and back of the seat cover need to have a minimum 1-inch gap

4. Vive Stand Alone

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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The Vive Stand Alone takes after the Drive Medical Standalone. Like the Drive Medical one, it also has a front, floor bending design. It has also got a magazine carrier. The installation of the device is pretty straightforward and requires no tool.

Yet, like any stand-alone safety rail grabs, you wouldn’t get much stability in it. There’s always a chance it would tip on one side, given excessive pressure. On the plus side is the manoeuvrability, it can move away from its place or carry.

Furthermore, the price of the Vive model is far higher than the Drive Medical. In its defence, Vive does provide an explanation-free lifetime guarantee.

Also, the front leg stand doesn’t extend as much as its competitive twin. The Vive one also misses any rubber on the bottom of the legs; we would very much appreciate it if they would have provided it given the high price.
  1. Lifetime guarantee
  2. Doesn’t extend so far in the front
  3. Comfortable handles
  1. Very Expensive
  2. No rubber paddings on the bottom

5. Vive Attached Rail without Legs

Medline Toilet Safety Rails
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All Vive’s product comes with a lifetime of the guarantee. Make sure that you register it as soon as you get the product in hand. This particular rail grab has only one attachment point, which is to the back of the toilet seat.

The rail grab comes with padded armrest, which gives much comfort in usage. You can also adjust the width between the arms in 3 settings. Like the lifetime guarantee, the price is also marked up a lot compared to others.

Moreover, since the rail grab's attached to only a small part, that too on the back, the arms are very unstable. The front part is flimsy and keeps moving away from its place, but works excellent when pushing down. On the plus side, this attached rail grab is not tipsy like the stand-alone ones and costs less.
  1. Lifetime Guarantee
  2. Adjustable Wide length
  3. Padded Armrest
  1. Expensive
  2. Unstable as no leg support
Elderly Woman Toilet Grabs

How We Decided On Our Winner

We recommend you to go for the Medline Attached rail grabs with legs. Due to the legs, and being attached to the toilet seat, it provides you with the best stability. This one, you do not even need to drill the walls or floors.

The Stand-Alone are good choices if you want to move around the Stand. Many people using the same toilet feel uncomfortable with rail. Other than that, attached rail grabs with extended legs support is the way to go.
Toilet With Seat And Rails

FAQ and Buying Guide

Legless Attached Toilet Rails

These types of toilet safety rails remain up above the toilet seat. The toilet rail is two handlebars attached to the toilet seats, and there are no legs or any floor stands. Legless attached toilet rails are easy to install.

  1. At first, you need to assemble the rail and make it ready for attachment.
  2. Then remove the big screws from the toilet seat rivet.
  3. Remove and put the toilet seat aside.
  4. Take the assembled rail, and align it to the mounting area.
  5. Place the toilet seat on top of the rail mounting.
  6. Secure the screws tightly, binding the rail, toilet seat, and toilet together.

Attached Toilet Rails with Legs Resting on the Floor

The only difference between these and the legless is as the name says, “Legs.” Legs extending to the floor provide more significant support to the rails. The attached toilet rails with legs, not only remains fixed, it gives more stability.

The legs distribute the load to the floor alongside the toilet. The installation of attached toilet rails with legs is like the one without legs with one extra step. In this case, after securing the screws, make sure to adjust the leg extensions so that they rest on the floor.

Stand Alone Toilet Rails

Stand Alone Rails are also known as Free Standing Rails. The design of the stand-alone is different from the other two. These rails are a complete set and do not need to be attached to the toilet or anything.

The rail is around the toilet and rests there. They usually have weight and anti-slip rubbers to hold the position.

Some of these rails are foldable. You can fold it and keep it aside hidden when not in use. Installation is easy:

  1. First, you need to assemble all the parts. These rails usually come separated.
  2. Place the rail on around the toilet so that the handles rest on two sides where arms go.
  3. Adjust the height of the frame to match your preference.

Wall or Floor Mounted Rail Grabs

Instead of extending legs, such rail grabs are mounted to the floor or walls or even both. There are different types of mounting rails. Some are a stick frame for hanging saline, while some even come with toilet tissue dispenser.

Installing the mounting rails are troublesome. As these need fixing with the finished walls or floors, you might need experts to help to mount these.

They will drill into the wall or floor or both depending on the mount rail type. We do not recommend for you to try this on your own, as it possesses dangers to you and the property.

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