Best GPS Trackers for the Elderly

Author: Mark Marsden | Updated on July 18, 2020

A fear we all share is the sudden realisation that our ageing parents have wandered off. Some say it's unnecessary, but a GPS tracker for our folks isn't a bad idea. 

Gps Tracker For Adults
Despite our hearty wishes, our ever-loving parents grow old in the blink of an eye.

While the parents may never accept it or they may choose to overlook it, dementia in the elderly is as real as it gets.

So, keeping an eye on them is important. We should check for symptoms, and it is always better to prepare than face the harsh reality afterwards. It's prudent that you start to look for solutions with the onset of memory loss.

GPS trackers for the elderly is a simply and effective choice to keep a track on our aging parents and we review some of the better options on this page. Let's get to it.

Primetracking Personal

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The black rectangular device is the most prominent design out there for a GPS device. The matte black colour top body with 3 inches in length and black colour hard plastic does well to blend in. The device also has 3 LED lights and a big button on the front.

The LED lights work as an indicator if the device is functioning, and the big button is an Emergency SOS button. The Tracker comes with the newest cellular technology out there, 4G LTE. Moreover, on the feature side, it covers all the standard ones for a GPS tracker.

Primetracking Personal comes equipped with a sim card included and various subscription options. Moreover, the Tracker can update every 10 seconds. Also, it can store historical data.

If you put the Tracker inside the pocket of your elderly parents, you can watch for any distress. If they run into any problems, they can notify with a press on the Emergency button. Thanks to its long battery life and advanced technology, it's accurate and lasts.

The thing I liked the most about Primetracking is its customer service. You can expect a reply and solution for them even at midnight, and that too a cooperative, functioning help!
  1. 4G LTE Technology.
  2. Two weeks of Battery Life.
  3. Can update every 10-second.
  1. Expensive.
  2. Supported only in North-American Region.

Tracki Mini

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As the name suggests, this GPS tracking device is a mini. With its unusual design, it embodies like an old cassette. The Tracki Mini comes in a black shell of only 1.8 inches in length and 1.5 inches in breadth while the width is 0.55 inches.

The Tracker is also light and weighs 36 grams. The body as like most others, comes in black, with the name & quote. Tracki embossed in white on the front covering almost half of the device.

In the lower half part, there's an SOS button. So, for Tracki portability and emergency security ain't an issue. The best thing about Tracki is its price point.

The device itself comes at a meagre price. What I liked the best about this device besides is that at such low prices, it comes packed with full of features. Tracki has a magnetic back, replaceable battery, and many more!

Also, did I mention Tracki's coverage includes the whole mother earth! For the situation where your elderly parents might visit Asia or Europe, Tracki is an ideal choice. By the way, the Tracker also comes with Bluetooth, and so pinpoint tracking can't get any better.
  1. Most Affordable.
  2. Worldwide Coverage.
  3. Has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth beside the GSM.
  1. Sub-par two days of battery life.
  2. Lengthy 1-minute auto-update interval.

LandAirSea 54

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This time too, the name does justice to the device, as it is, in fact, a waterproof GPS tracker. LandAirSea 54 comes in a round case, and by the look of it, you can mistake it for a chocolate container. The all-around black casing with the company's logo and 3 LED lights look pretty elegant.

The casing shell's made of powerful magnets. Thus, this is the ultimate choice for tracking the vehicles of your elderly parents. Besides the waterproof and robust magnetic body, some other cool features come with.

For starters, though the device's made in the USA, its coverage expands to all over the world. Moreover, the LED indicator lights can be turned off, ensuring the Tracker's undetected.

For me, I see myself using the LandAirSea 54 for tracking my soon to be elderly parent's Car. Since the body is well-built, it will survive under the Car's body, and my parents won't be able to remove it.
  1. Sturdy Waterproof Body.
  2. Real-time tracking through Google Maps, so satellite view can also be used.
  3. Up to 2 weeks of continuous battery support (based on update interval).
  1. Moderately priced with multiple tier-based subscription charges.
  2. No Emergency or SOS button.


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GeoZilla brought the most modern-looking GPS tracker. This device features a groovy black design on both sides, a silver lining all around. It also has its metallic coloured logo embossed on the top, with 3 LED indicator lights and an SOS button.

The Tracker is small and lightweight. Furthermore, it comes with a shell belt clip and a lanyard included in the box. So, it's made for attaching with the keyring, bag, or even on the neck.

I would say this GPS tracker design is very convenient for the elderly. For other portable devices, and models, we need to rely on them carrying it with them. I can hang the GeoZilla on my parent's neck, and they wouldn't even bother about it.

Besides this, the risk of them losing the device also comes down to minimal. As the Tracker is compact, they can also hide it beneath the Tops. Moreover, it comes packed with the standard GPS tracker functions and many more.
  1. 30 days free plan upon subscription.
  2. LTE technology support.
  3. Up to 5 days of battery life.
  1. Very Expensive, and tier-based subscription plan.
  2. Underwhelming customer support.


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This GPS tracker takes after the Primetracking Personal of the list. It is a rectangular device with three indicator lights and an emergency SOS button. Even the dimension is also like Primetracking.

On the downside, the Americaloc doesn't come with 4G LTE support. Again, this covers almost every country on Earth, thanks to its international sim card. Americaloc also has 10 seconds interval update time and two weeks of battery life.

The customer service of Americaloc would disappoint you big-time if you compare it with the Primetracking. Nail to the coffin is the outdated app interface, its full of clutter, old design, and not smooth to use.

I see myself using Americaloc if my elderly parents are travelling outside of North America, and I need a tracker. It ensures that I can tell if they lose the bag and help them find it.
  1. No tier-based subscription charge.
  2. Worldwide Coverage.
  3. Customized settings on request.
  1. Expensive.
  2. Higher faulty product percentage.
Walking With My Dad

How We Decided On Our Winner

If you could arrange permission or progressed to a solution to track your parents, you need to understand your needs. You also have to keep in mind the budget you can divide for the device all year round.

If you have the budget and your parents live within North America, go for the Primetracking one. In the most advanced stage of dementia, wearing the GeoZilla would be wiser.

FAQ and Buying Guide

Can You Put a GPS Tracker in a Person?

Well, there are some clear boundaries when it comes to tracking. One can't start tracking another without them knowing even if it's in the other's best interest.

It is not only polite to ask for permission but by law, you need to have explicit consent to have the right to track. Now let's go through some probable scenarios and solutions we can think of:

1. Parent's refuse to be tracked

Now, it is very much possible the parents won't be that forthcoming in monitored all the time. At the first stage, you need to be patient, have them read articles about patients getting lost.

If you have children, tell them to make their grandparents understand the need. Even then, if they refuse to wear them, there are two options as we see them.

a. Track the Car provided you own it: While by law, you need consent to track a person, you can always track your property. If your parents drive and use your Car, then you are in luck.

b. Meet Power of Attorney: Mind it that you can only do this when your parents are in the advanced stage. You can set up a power of Attorney on their behalf when they do not have the mental capacity to decide for themselves.

2. Parent's accept to be tracked

If the parents agree to be monitored, then don't wait any longer, choose the best GPS tracking option for you.
Gps Tracker On Cat
What to Use for GPS tracking?

A smartphone is the most obvious answer that comes to mind for location services. You could use this if the elderly use a smartphone and takes it with them everywhere.

Here the problem is since they have dementia, their chances of forgetting to carry the phone are High. So it would be best if you chose a GPS tracking device that serves all your needs in the situation.

Here we tried to suggest some scenario-based uses:

1. The Elderly refuses to carry any GPS device but drives Car: Attaching a Magnetic GPS tracker to the Car is best.

2. Uses wheelchair: In this case, too affixing a magnetic GPS tracker to the wheelchair would be wise.

3. Uses Cane or walking stand for support: The magnetic body will attach itself to the Cane or walking stand.

4. Need SOS or emergency button: For such cases, the elderly need a device that can be accessed. You can buy a wearable GPS tracker, which looks like a watch if your parents are comfortable wearing one all the time.

Else, you can also buy a small portable GPS tracker that your parents can carry in their pocket or the Purse.

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