5 Best Swivel Seats for the Elderly

Author: Mark Marsden | Updated on July 31, 2020
Even in my forties I found it hard to get out of the car sometimes! For the elderly, they need all the help they can get; these swivel seats do help.
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For an increasing number of people, back pain has become a common phenomenon. In these digital times, most of us need to work long hours sitting. While sitting is comfortable, being in one position does much harm than we can imagine.

Once, arthritis, pain in the tail bone, lower back were prevalent only among the old folks. Whereas now even the young fellows face such problematic situations. The pain problem becomes worse in long car trips.

The back pain becomes unbearable after a time. Car Swivel Seat Cushions works like magic to relieve the pain to a great extent. Even people suffering from haemorrhoid pain, prostate inflammation gets comfort from using it.

Healthsmart 15

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The healthsmart 15 is a 15 inches diameter swivelling seat cushion. The price point is great and affordable. Like the typical seat cushions, it has a nonskid base, a plastic turntable, foam, and a cover.

The cover is removable and thus can wash, dry in machines, or by hand. The swivelling mechanism works well, and it can rotate 360- degrees all around. The nonskid base also helps in making sure the cushion stays in place.

Yet, like the price, the build quality is poor. Though the foam is better than typical foams, it is not memory foam or doesn’t come with any gel. The cushion is to support 300 pounds of weight, but by the looks of it, we don’t think it will last with that much pressure.

The most disappointing factor was how all the components were attached. The glue seems to take off any moment and break the cushion. At low prices, the cushion is an excellent choice for short time usage.
  1. Removable Back Cover.
  2. Quite affordable.
  1. Subpar Gluing quality

Drive Medical Deluxe

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It is another most affordable swivel cushion out there. The cushioning is made using polyurethane foam, and the cover is of soft velvet. It has a rotating table and small particles on the bottom to prevent the cushion from slipping.

The cushion provides good support to enter and exit the vehicle. Also, it’s buffed up foam helps to sit at a higher position. Like the healthsmart, the build quality of Drive Medical is also disappointing.

The antiskid particles can’t stand hot temperatures, and even the rotating table doesn’t last. Yet, the best thing about this cushion is that it fits in the bucket-shaped car seats.

But, the cushion is not that comfortable. For the first few uses, it feels very rigid, and up until you find a specific position you get satisfied with, it’s not ideal for the long drive.
  1. Fits on the bucket seat.
  2. Affordable pricing.
  1. Requires time to find the sweet, comfortable spot

Obbo Med

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As the saying goes, price is the indicator of quality; at least for Nova, it is true. Sure, the cushion doesn’t include gel, but the build quality is one of the best out there. The sewings, gums, and the antiskid base are all made from excellent quality materials.

The 360- degrees rotating swivel cushion works very well. It is smooth and comfortable. Since the cover is removable, you can wash it.

The diameter of the cushion is 15.25 inches and thus gives enough space to settle in. The cushion is to support up to 300 pounds of weight. The 2 inches depth of foam also works to provide you with a boost in height and comfort.

Yet, for its big size, the cushion doesn’t work well with the bucket seats. The build quality is top-notch, you can expect the Nova Car Swivel Seat cushion to last for a long time.
  1. Fits on the bucket seat.
  2. Affordable pricing.
  1. Moderately Expensive.


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The gel containing cushions costs a bit more than the typical foam only ones. The gel provides a soothing experience and unmatched comfort. It comes packed with gel cooling, and also designed to advanced column buckling.

The cover of the cushion's made of mesh fabric. Thus, airflow can continue inside the cushion keeping it cool and nice. The cover is also removable, and so you can wash and clean it how you like it.

The swivel technology works perfectly. You can get in and out of the Car without putting pressure on the back. Thanks to the turntables 360- degrees profitability.

Yet, the cushion doesn’t work in the bucket seats. It requires a plain surface for functionality. The base with the anti-slip bottom is also long-lasting.

For a gel cushion, it does it’s work well and fulfils all the purpose.
  1. Removable Mesh Cover.
  2. Gel cooling structure.
  1. A bit expensive.

Sojoy iGelComfort Deluxe

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This comes not only with gel paddings, but also includes a layer of memory foam! Now, the gel and memory foam is comfortable and durable on their own. Imagine the comfort you will get when both of the leading materials are used.

This swivel cushion has five parts in total. The base's made of soft anti-slip material, upon that is the cushion’s memory foam core. Covering it all is a soft cooling fabric. You will get the cushion in a compressed plastic packaging.

The packaging gives the cushion a premium feel while protecting it from damages. Sojoy Deluxe has a bigger dimension than others. It has a diameter of 15.5 inches and a depth of 2.5 inches.

Yet, this also means you cannot use the swivel cushion in bucket seats or seats with less plain space.
  1. Equipped with memory foam and cooling gel.
  2. Premium-grade materials, long-lasting.
  1. Non-removable cover.
Elderly Person At The Wheel Of Car

How We Decided On Our Winner

If you can afford it, I would suggest you go and buy the Sojoy iGelcomfort deluxe Car Swivel Seat Cushion. You might not enjoy it at first, but trust me when you get used to the memory foam, it will give you the ultimate pleasure.

Yes, the gel ones are expensive than the regular foam cushions one. Still, these also last longer and comforts better. If you are looking for concise time use, for one long trip, then try out the Healthsmart 15.

Senior Getting Out Of Car

FAQ and Buying Guide

Are Car Swivel Seat Cushions and Car Swivel Seats the Same?

No, they are very different. If you search, the results might confuse you, as you will find both in search results upon searching for one. Swivel Car Seats are mainly used by new parents.

These are rotatable seats, which can also attach and detach from the car seat. The babies can be securely fixed in these seats, providing extra protection. Swivel Seats are also made for adults with disabilities; they can get into the Car through the seats.

Some of the seats even have machine-lift control in them. Car Swivel Cushion, but, it's a light cushion placed on top of the regular seat. These cushions are to provide comfort in the long term sitting and also relieve the back pains.

How Does Car Swivel Seat Cushion Work?

The aim is to allow the passenger to be able to sit or get up from the Car seat without inheriting any pressure. Besides, this soft cushion also makes sure we don’t have to twist the body for getting up. Usually, there are two types of swivel cushion.

In one model, the two parts of the cushion join on a swivel or turntable. This turntable helps to rotate all around. Thus you can enter or exit the seat without twisting in the Car.

The other types of models are of slippery materials. The slick surface also aids in getting out of the Car without much pressure or effort.

Can You Use Swivel Seat Cushion while Driving?

We recommend avoiding using Swivel Cushion while driving the Car. Yes, the swivel seat cushion provides greater comfort. It would have been ideal for the driver as his pressure and movement within the seat is more compared to others.

The problem is, Swivel they're designed to provide the accessibility in moving in. So the cushion is slippery. If the driver uses the cushion while driving, there is a chance that he or she will move from his position.

Thus, the use of the Car Swivel Seat Cushion while driving imposes a higher risk of accidents. Some insurance company also requires the client to notify if they are using or need to use any particular device. Even the premium might change based on this fact.

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