Are Personal Attack Alarms Effective?

Author: Mark Marsden

Are Personal Attack Alarms Effective?

Personal attack alarms are one of the most popular ways for you to protect yourself when you are alone at work, walking by yourself, or even alone in your own home. We have alarms that fit into your bag, that attach to a keychain, and that offer a whistle along with a flashing light. The alarms are easy to activate, but you need to know if these alarms are effective or not. Read each tip below to decide for yourself if these alarms are effective.

They Are Loud

A personal attack alarm is very loud. There is no way around this simple fact. The loud whistle of a personal attack alarm is something that anyone can hear at a distance. Even if you are in your own home, people outside will hear the high-picked whistle. When you are alone in your office, people in adjoining offices will hear the whistle. If you are walking alone, people on the street nearby will hear this extremely loud whistle. The whistle is loud enough to drown out the sound of a car, and the sound carries for long distances because the pitch is so high.

They Will Startle Anyone In The Area

If you are being attacked or feel threatened, the personal attack alarm will scare anyone who is in the vicinity. If someone nearby could help you, they will be instantly startled by the sound the alarm makes. The sound activates the fight or flight responses in others, and those people will know that you are in trouble.An attacker may simply run away because the sound of the alarm scared them so badly. Think of this alarm just as you would a house alarm. The sound of the alarm is so loud that many robbers or attackers need to get away because they are afraid of being caught.

The Personal Attack Alarm Is Easy To Use

The personal attack alarm that you use should have a single button that is easy to press and hold. The sound will be emitted instantly, and you can hold the button down for long periods of time until help arrives. Because of this, you do not get just one whistle out of the alarm. This is an important over whistles that women used to carry with them that they needed to blow into. If you are running for help or do not have time to hold the whistle to your mouth, it is not very effective.A personal attack makes the sound with just the press of a button, and you can even leave the alarm in your hand as you walk. It takes a split-second to press the alarm button, and you can hold it down even while you are running.

You Cannot Lose It

The alarm fits on a keychain that you can attach to your bag or keep with your keys. It is not a great burden to hold one of these alarms in your hand as you walk, and you cannot lose the alarm during the day because it is always attached to your keys or bag. 

Why Not Use Your Car Alarm?

Personal attack alarms are much more effective than car alarms for a few simple reasons:

  • Car alarms have become so commonplace in America that no one pays attention when a car alarm goes off. Most people simply hope that it is not their car that is disturbing everybody.
  • You car is not always near you. The range of a car remote with an alarm is not that wide, and you cannot be sure that the alarm will even go off when you press the button.
  • If someone knows where your car is, that could actually be more dangerous. An attacker could force you to get into your car. Meanwhile, if you run away from your car, you are running away from your alarm source.

They Last A Long Time

Just one small battery inside your personal attack alarm will last for a few years. The battery is easy to replace, and the alarm uses almost no power when it is not in-use. You can rely on this alarm in all situations, and you even get a battery warning on the device when it is running low.

They Give You Confidence

It is hard to be by yourself if you are at work or walking alone. However, you have more confidence when you are using a personal attack alarm. The sound of the alarm alone will make you feel better because you know that someone will hear you if you set the alarm off. Plus, you can keep the alarm in your at all times. You do not need to reach in your pocket or dig through your bag. This alarm is always with you.

They Are Safe To Use

You cannot accidentally spray yourself in the eye with pepper spray, and you do not need to worry about the pepper spray getting too hot and exploding in your handbag. The personal attack alarm will work in all circumstances and all weather conditions.

They Are Affordable

You can invest a small amount of money in your safety and have the confidence that help will come when the alarm sounds. These alarms are available on our site right now for low prices, and you can look through the styles that are available. 

Do Personal Alarms Work?

Yes. A personal attack alarm can give you the protection you need, help you feel comfortable when you are alone in the house or in the office, and produce a sound that is so loud no one can miss it. Keep the alarm in your hand so that you feel more comfortable when walking, and use the alarm any time you feel threatened. You need to know that you can protect yourself, but you do not always want to engage your attacker. This alarm will force the attacker to run away or signal people in the area that you need help with an extremely loud whistle tone.

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